Web Services

Content Management Service
Look your best, show it, update your content easily, and be at the edge of the competition. SDS delivers exactly what you need. 

Custom Web Design
Your website is your public persona. It’s your opportunity to tell the entire world whatever you want. Do you have an important cause, a passion, or a story to tell? Online media is today’s most effective media tool. It’s your business card to the world. What do you want it to say? And how do you want it to say it? Your website can present your organization or business as professional, creative, passionate or youthful.

SDS will build your website from scratch, guiding you through the process, and making the entire project as effortless and easy as possible.

With SDS, you can have an impressive website that can attract potential customers, funders or constituents. Besides for being an effective PR agent, your website can help you raise money, enroll clients, educate consumers, schedule events, sell items, and much more.

Among our previous projects were:          

  • Online schools/libraries
  • Rewarding system website
  • Qualifying students / volunteers with points that will eventually give them the option to redeem it for prizes
  • Online database for yellow pages
  • Online searching for ancestry
  • Online reporting -This has been for The City of New York, which provides special education for needy children
  • Customize email campaigns
  • Online selling tickets for concerts/multiple countries, with currency conversion 

Website Maintenance and Updates
Not only does SDS build your website from scratch, but offer maintenance and updates as well. Websites must be well-maintained, provide constant updates, and provide support for costumers. If you do not have enough time for these, then we can do the job for you.

Social Media Services
Need brand popularity and encourage customer interaction? Social media is the best medium to connect with present and future clients. Gain likes, get shares, provide updates and valuable information and be on top of their newsfeeds.

Email Marketing
Retain customers, increase traffic, generate sales, find new customers, generate leads, and promote everything about your business with the help of our organized mails that surely go to the inbox and not marked as spam.

Some of our Clients

  • Springfield Group Inc
  • Shwekey Shows (Yaakov Shwekey)
  • Graphic Dimensions
  • Rachelli Wigs
  • Nature Boy
  • New Harvest Kitchen
  • Jewish Star
  • Suki & Ding
  • Lieblich Financial Services
  • Beauty Face & Body
  • Pixtovy Development 
  • Medgar Evers Collage
  • Triumphant Journeys
  • Rochie Pinson Design
  • Jewish Community of Greater Coney Island
  • Shorefront Jewish Community Center
  • Riverdale Senior Services
  • Jewish Community Kishinev & Moldova
  • On Your Way
  • Find Ancestry
  • Toratherapeutics’™
  • Jewish Yellow Pages
  • Queens Jewish Community
  • Chabad of Alpharetta
  • Nonprofit Helpdesk
  • Connect2 NY
  • Friendly Visiting NY
  • Unique Ad